2017     The Caring Economy

Lodewijk Heylen:

Concrete evidence: Waiting VI

Michelle Standley: Home is where the Heart is.

Ingrid Skånland Eriksen:

Sweet heat machine.

David Alræk: Konglen minibar.

Ada Chan / Karen Wong:

Cradle in the Woods.

Erika Brandl Mouton:

Fløyveien Badminton Club.

Tom Kuhnel/ Bob Blake: Trustbox.

Alexandra Busgang:

Containing a portion of Time

Somewhat Longer than 8 Minutes

Andrew Scheinman: Some Body to love.

Louisa Elderton / Bob Blake: Herbarium.

Michael Laundry/ Myclef Laun:

Sharks Have Electroreception

Why Can´t We?

Camille Bèdard: Quality time.

Benjamin Spalding: Strings Attached.


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